(Slow) Travel Tips to the Philippines 2015

After spending the afternoon digging through old posts here, I realized two things: travel information changes all the time, and my travel preferences also change over time. In the spirit of being truthful and updated, here’s a loving guide for first timers to the Philippines, originally written for foreign friends who need an overview of places […]

I’m going on a 5-day boat ride in El Nido!

Will finally be going on this 5-day boating expedition I’ve been dreaming about since July..woohoo! (Image from Tao Philippines) I came across Tao Expeditions while researching for a trip to El Nido, and raved to friends that it was exactly how I wanted to explore Palawan: Open Expeditions take groups of independent travellers between El […]

back to tagaytay favorites– bawais and chateau hestia

For my dad’s 65th and my kuya’s 31st birthdays, we trooped to our favorite places in Tagaytay– Bawai’s and next door Chateau Hestia, deep in the residential rows of Lagusan Drive. Bawai’s is a Vietnamese restaurant, lutong-bahay style, and is owned by the Tatlonghari family. The word “Bawai” is actually grandmother in Vietnamese, and whenever […]