glimpses of the first world

I always got turned off with “first world-third world” labels,  as if  lifestyles in different countries could really be rated (The Philippines is “third world”–does it mean we have third class lives by default?)…but but but, staying in the United States–a “first world” country– for the past three weeks, I really couldn’t help but admire […]

my first spring!

Mid-morning in Connecticut, April 2010 Flew to New York-Connecticut in a rush for less-than-happy reasons, but wow, seeing full-grown trees bursting with new green leaves was a nice pick-me-upper. Spring does make you want to start anew. Bury the old, let the new grow inside, then burst at its ripening! Imagine having the seasons as […]

Manila and Sabah

Recently visited relatives in Sabah, Malaysia. Was a quiet holiday, a food fest more than anything else (hurrah for teh tarik or “pulled tea”, nasi lemak, mee goreng mamak, and all the different kinds of roti!). Few observations: 1. Race over class. Unlike Manila, where the haves battle it out with the have-nots, the people […]