The art scene in Manila

I use “scene” alongside art with hesitation, because I find the word dishonest, and art to me is nothing but.  What you actually encounter in the streets, galleries and museums of Manila–the beautiful and/or the ugly–will be truly up to you and how hard you look. Often, what is most beautiful is also the most painful to […]

pasig river ferry

Went on my first Couchsurfing Manila gathering on the Pasig river ferry last Saturday morning.  We met at the Guadalupe station at 9:30 am and took the ferry for a 45-minute ride to Plaza Mexico, Intramuros, which cost Php 45.00 one way. If you’re taking your car and are not familiar with the area, I […]

window shopping in Cubao (Marikina Shoe) Expo

I first visited the Marikina Shoe Expo (now called– and perhaps more aptly– the Cubao Expo) with my girl friends in 2005. Back then the area lived up to its name as a shoe depot–there were really just shoe shops everywhere! I remember telling friends that Marikina Shoe Expo was the place to get customized […]