manilarat signing off.

Been dreaming of wide open spaces and clean fresh air everyday for a good while, and now I get to smile in my heart and say it for real: it’s all happening. 🙂 Am moving on to literally “greener pastures” in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and will no longer be a true blue manilarat. Thank […]

green architecture guide for my first house!

Was so happy to get finally get my copy yesterday! First heard about this book from my friend Pompet, who says it’s his bible in building sustainable homes in Palawan. The author, Johan van Lengen, founded the Bio-architecture and Intuitive Technology (TIBA) School in the Mata Atlantica (coastal jungle) of Brazil. The book is easy […]

what it really means to go green

Was so happy to read The Burden of Stuff: Why Less Could Make You Happier from the Huffington Post. This is exactly what I’m (quietly) advocating–a purging of our consumerist lifestyles, which, in essence, is what it means to go green!  Not just changing our kitchen, bathroom, or library, but more so our own mindset.  […]

it’s almost been a year since Ondoy…

My thoughts on October  1, 2009: Typhoon Ondoy brought with it so much loss, fear, anger.  Galit lahat, finger-pointing has begun, and will only get worse.  My brother told me he doesn’t want to watch the news anymore, he just gets depressed. Ordinary citizens are rallying behind something though, something that’s mobilizing them and getting […]