The art scene in Manila

I use “scene” alongside art with hesitation, because I find the word dishonest, and art to me is nothing but.  What you actually encounter in the streets, galleries and museums of Manila–the beautiful and/or the ugly–will be truly up to you and how hard you look. Often, what is most beautiful is also the most painful to […]

onib olmedo’s tamed horses

What a beautiful introduction to Onib Olmedo. My knowledge of Filipino art is shameful, so it took Crisi’s strong arm to finally put me face-to-face with an Onib painting last Thursday. Crisi has been raving about this Onib piece for so long, always telling me to drop by the art galleries in Shangri-la to look […]

angono’s art museums: the blancos

Confession: I had no idea who Blanco was, nor was I familiar with his works, before I went to Angono last week.   The little that I knew of him was that he had a lot of talented children, and they painted as a family. But wow oh wow, I was really floored when I visited […]

angono’s art museums: nemiranda

Angono has always been on my travel wish list. So glad finally I made it there–and on an impromptu trip at that! With just crammed online research the night before, my best friend and I drove to Angono, Rizal to visit the art galleries of Nemiranda and the Blanco family Thursday morning last week.   We […]

poster campaign for nationbuilding

Read about “Looking for Juan”, an outdoor poster campaign featuring artists with their ideas on what it is to be a Filipino (inspired by a project of a New York-based environmentalist organization), in the Inquirer’s Philippine identity in paintings, sculptures: The project was organized by the Center for Arts, New Ventures, and Sustainable Development (Canvas), […]