Back in the tropics!

Boracay will always be home. Here are some pictures from last week’s visit. So happy to be back in the tropics. What a happy day! Thank you, sun, sand and sea. 🏖🌞 #monday #blue #dagat #Boracay #sunset. Never fails to inspire. #mycolorpalette So I’m here sitting staring at the same #beach as it goes through […]

The art scene in Manila

I use “scene” alongside art with hesitation, because I find the word dishonest, and art to me is nothing but.  What you actually encounter in the streets, galleries and museums of Manila–the beautiful and/or the ugly–will be truly up to you and how hard you look. Often, what is most beautiful is also the most painful to […]

art in the kitchen: week1

In the spirit of documenting life milestones, here’s a rundown of my current kitchen practice. Art when really understood is the province of every human being. It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well. – Robert Henri I’ve been trying to create in the kitchen, and by that I mean preparing my own meals […]

Slow Travel

My brand of travel these days: slow and open-ended. This done not mean zero planning, but planning with intent and creativity.    It is traveling not to consume a place, but to experience it and its possibilities.  Sometimes, what’s on offer is a day on-the-go:  timed island hopping, the rush of chasing sunrises and sunsets. […]