Slow Travel

My brand of travel these days: slow and open-ended.

This done not mean zero planning, but planning with intent and creativity.    It is traveling not to consume a place, but to experience it and its possibilities.  Sometimes, what’s on offer is a day on-the-go:  timed island hopping, the rush of chasing sunrises and sunsets.    Other times, it’s the complete opposite: a day of rest and lazing about, doing absolutely nothing.  Every experience has its quirks, and it is a joy to be aware of these gifts and meet them head on, as gently or firmly as needed.

Documenting my travels has always given me joy.  It brought closure to the experience, and let me share important information with others who wished to create their own experience of the places I visit.   I did most of my documenting in the early years on a platform that sadly closed down,  so I hope to rebuild my travel library here little by little.

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Manilarat is my ode to Manila, the city we love to hate, but also the city we love. I am an artist, educator, and advocate of all things slow: slow travel, slow food, slow conversations.

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