manilarat signing off.

Wide road fronting the Sta. Rosa Hospital
Been dreaming of wide open spaces and clean fresh air everyday for a good while, and now I get to smile in my heart and say it for real: it’s all happening.


Am moving on to literally “greener pastures” in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and will no longer be a true blue manilarat.

Thank you for the visits through the years and most especially for the kind words. Will maintain this site as a tourism jump off point to keep fighting the good fight to #helpDOT, but do hope you also join me on my journey towards sustainable living in

I dream of a simple home, a home that keeps me home.
I dream of a home that’s pretty.
I dream of a home that makes me happy.
I dream of a home that would make retreats and vacations unneeded, because the clarity and deep joy that I find in them, I find at home, everyday.
I dream of a home that has both silence and laughter.
I dream of a home that has love.

My Nuvali Home
: my first big adult commitment.

It’s not just a house; it’s a big YES to a lifestyle shift– to more quiet everydays, filled with meaning, in resonance with the quiet shift to a healthier, more conscious lifestyle that values and always upholds what truly matters: family, people, ordinary lives, joy in the everyday, helping others, helping who needs help now. It’s one that requires a lot of listening, and a lot of path-clearing… one that is awakened, awakening and awakens.

This is the sustainable life, this is what My Nuvali Home is about.

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Manilarat is my ode to Manila, the city we love to hate, but also the city we love. I am an artist, educator, and advocate of all things slow: slow travel, slow food, slow conversations.

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  • Daphne

    I found your blog while looking for a recipe for adoring tofu.. and I LOVE your blog!! The name is really spot on. Manila can be really hateful most days with the traffic and horrible air and frustration. I think you have an honest grasp on how the Philippines is and how to make and cultivate the best of it so kudos to you! I’ll be following you.. and living vicariously through your travel experiences since I’m always home studying. (Still in school right now.) YAY!

  • Daphne

    adobong* !