we the booze generation

Walking around Metrowalk one night, a friend made a comment that given our level of alcohol intake, our generation will die young. Or will have to face the consequences of our drinking binges when we hit our 40s or 50s or maybe earlier.

Inuman is such a by-word among “the young” now…it’s as common as going to Starbucks or watching a movie, that people don’t really see anything the matter with it. In Spain, I met Americans and Australians who were so outraged at the thought of drunk driving– it’s really taboo for them. But here, it’s so normal. I’d be just as affected as everyone else if any kind of drinking legislation were passed, but hmmmmm, maybe it’s time we gave this “problem” more thought.

Seems Brazil is waking up to this “crisis” already:

Brazil, where drinking cold beer and sugar cane liquor is almost a national pastime, will get tough on alcohol abuse under a policy promoted by its outspoken new health minister.

“Every day people are dying, people are suffering violence, people are being hospitalized because of alcohol consumption,” Health Minister Jose Temporao said at a signing ceremony for the new policy on Wednesday.

Temporao blamed excess drinking for a list of social ills from wife-beating to traffic accidents. The national health system spends more than 40 million reais ($20 million) annually on drug and alcohol treatment, he said.

The government plans to restrict beer advertising and to tighten up checks on drunk driving. It will also propose laws to Congress to stop gas stations selling alcoholic beverages.

Source:Beer-soaked Brazil to face booze crackdown(Reuters)

Drinking as a national pastime, sounds family.

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  • Ton

    SMB is a household name, I think I read somewhere once that the price of san mig is oft used as an economic indicator due to its ubiquitousness..

  • Ton

    SMB is a household name, I think I read somewhere once that the price of san mig is oft used as an economic indicator due to its ubiquitousness..

  • Lars Konijnenberg

    Sorry to post on a very outdated post,

    As a foreigner yeah i can say i’m outraged by the amount of drunk drivers in this country. I’ve met so many people who took on their bikes and even ‘high’ class kids who drove cars intoxicated. Combine this with the level of participants (walkers, kids, bikers, motorist, cars, jeeps, idiots, Dogs etc etc), poor streetlightning and low-level driving educational system this is a recipe for disaster. (although i have to say i’ve stepped in a car knowingly that the driver was intoxicated, so good morals bring you as far but the drunkard in you doesn’t care)

    But there truly is a booze culture in the PH that is hard to keep up, besides the amazing facts of harm done by alcohol addiction and dependency, the example society sets unto it’s children is something you won’t feel years from now. I’m still baffled on a daily basis (been 3.5 years in the PH) on how many is drinked on a regular scale, or at what hours of the day. Or even what type of alcohol is being consumed. (insta-juice emperador combi’s/Energy drink-beer-hardliquor combi’s)
    What i’ve seen and heard so far their isn’t that much difference between the average ‘joe’ squatter kids and the middle class/conyo kids in their level of consumption. Differences are the amount/location and pick of poison but all seem to love the forbidden fruits of alcohol in their vains. And all seem to consume vast amounts of it without a single thought on the harms done for their bodies.
    On top of this there doesn’t seem to be any fight against alcohol in sense of taxes, anti-alcohol commercials (or commercial banning) or a alcohol age limit (in more local sari-sari stores)

    This might be the time to educate the Filipino new-class, those up and coming big boom generation that will feel the great influx of internationalism, internet and the rising economy of the PH. Into the bad side of alcohol, and eventhough it’s legality it isn’t as safe as it’s presumed to be.
    Funny thing is, on my highschool thesis on teenage alcoholism I came to the conclusion. Would alcohol be ‘reinvented/reintroduced’ into society today. Due to it’s physical,mental and social harms it inflicts onto the user and it’s high rate of abuse/depency/addictiveness it would actually be classified as a hard drug, next to cocaine, heroine etc etc etc… Makes you think twice for drinking the poison